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The Joyride DVD covers the techniques of aggressive riding, turning and jumping. REAL teamed up with The Moorings to go on a sailing/kiteboarding adventure of a lifetime. Including three 50ft sailboats with 15 days of perfect wind and waves. Joyride is action packed in British Virgin Island super blue and includes all the instructional expertise you've come to expect from REAL Kiteboarding.

JOYRIDE: features self launches and landings, boat launches and landings, stance review, powerful turns/fans, downlooping, riding faster, holding more power, riding in a crowd

JOYRIDE JUMPING: features progressive edge/speed relationship, load and pop, boosting, air transitions.

JOYRIDE TRICKS:features boosting grab, load and pop grab, back roll hooked in, front roll hooked in, spins. intro to unhooked tricks.

JOYRIDE CONTINUED EDUCATION GEAR: features wakeskates, surfboards, strapless, different kites, bars, line length, change your style,

Added: 2007-11-09

Category: Instructional

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