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The REAL SURF DVD is 100% dedicated to kiteboarding instruction in the waves. Whether this is your first session in the surf, your 100th session in the surf or even if you are just learning to get your very first rides in the surf, every rider will get a ton of information and improve their riding abilities from the REAL SURF DVD.

SURF101: Safety Concerns, Lateral Current, Rip Current, Tides, Swell Types, Wave Types, Bottom Contour, Wave Sets, Wave Periods, Buddy System, Where To Ride.

SURF SESSIONS: Surf Circuits, Duck Diving, First Sessions, Entering and Exiting the Surf, Riding through Waves, Whale Watches, Surf Turns, Downwinders, Staying Upwind, Self Rescue.

SURF SKILLS: Waveriding, Wave Jumping, Surfing Technique, Frontside and Backside Riding, Kite Timing, Looping Kite for Power, Gear Options, Freestyle in the Surf, Aerials, Barrels.

BONUS SECTION: Keeping it Surfside, Equipment for Ocean Riding, REAL Coaches Tips, 5 DVD Series Action, Cape Hatteras Downwinder, Triple-S DVD Preview, Outside Magazine Awards, The Moorings.

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Added: 2007-11-09

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