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The 2011 North American Speed Sailing Invitational comes to a close with 12 races completed racing almost everyday. It was the first ever speed event to have Port Tack races, 2nd event to have speeds greater than 50 Knots, Biggest Prize purse in kite Sailing, and the first National team trophy the "Lynch Cup". As the best speed sailers in the world share the waters with storm force conditions. Hitting speeds over 50 knots... www.cabrinhakites.com EP4

As a massive storm is about to hit the Martha's Vineyard we get a few Interviews with the fastest sailers in the world. Give you a glimpse of what is to come in Episode 5. Can 50 knots be hit in the US and secure Martha's Vineyard as one of the fastest places in the world. www.cabrinhakites.com EP3

Episode 3 takes a look at what it feels like to race above 45 mph. The wind was averaging 20 to 25 knots from the WNW at beautiful Cape Pogue Bay in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Get a snap shot slow motion view of the first North American kite speed event in history. www.cabrinhakites.com EP2

A few days into the event and the athletes are doing a little cross training. This video captures a glimpse of the life these athletes live as they push the 50 knot threshold in the beautiful waters off of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
www.cabrinhakites.com EP1

The fastest sailers in the world are all competing for $27,000 and bragging rights on the beautiful waters of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. This episode captures the first 3 days of racing. More episodes to come... www.cabrinhakites.com TEASER

Twelve of the fastest speed guys in the world and one girl, Charlotte Consorti (who has proven to be as fast as the world speed guys) have been invited to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, to see who is the fastest sailor in the world....the best in America challenges the best in France.

Who will take home the money and bragging rights?

The two week event will be held October 17 through the 31st 2011. It is an all or nothing event where the best guys in the world will battle it out on American waters...

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