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Prime cuts - Hadlow 900 series

EP 5

Number 5 of 6 is here already, this video is all about how cable riding helps my kiteboarding and how using the kicker helps me practice the spin needed to land the 900.

As each lap is always the same and the kicker is in the same place you are able to learn quicker and find the right rotation, so check out the video see some of my latest cable riding on the corners, kickers and sliders.

EP 4

In this ep i get really close to the 9, I also had an awesome day at Big Bay and managed to nail some other new tricks. Action Packed! EP 3

In Episode 3/6 I head up to an inland lake a couple of hours out of Cape Town with Ruben. I attempt to practice the 9 on a obstacle kicker, as it is stationary in theory is should be easier to line up and get the rotation, usually the wave is moving which is an added variable. See how it goes and if the RedBull kicker is the right set up to finally nail the trick.

EP 2

Here is Episode 2, this is the first day that I try to nail the 900, the kickers were absolutely huge, so obviously some big wipe outs. You need some big kickers to get the height and rotation and on this day Big Bay was providing, so see Ep - 2 to see if I can get it.

EP 1

Here is 1/6 in the 900 series, over the winter I had a goal to land the first 900 in kiteboarding. Wakestyle is growing and the conditions in Cape Town produce perfect kickers day in day out, using them like the wake of a boat I enjoyed learning a few new moves through out the season trying to push this side of the sport. I decided to film the road to landing a 9, episode 1 explains the set up required and kicks off the series.

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