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Prime cuts - Inside RedBull Ragnarok 2014

Flysurfer Kiteboarding says:

A trip to Norway to for an awesome snowkite race with 200 buddies in partnership with MOOD, FLYSURFER and IBEX. Hosted by the Kaupang family in the Haugastol hostel for 3 days of celebration, riding and competing organized by Redbull. This is Ragnarok 2014!

FLYSURFER teamrider Alex Robin reached 15th place, just like he did in 2012 but enjoyed every minute of it as you can see in this video. Training and preparation is already planned for the next episode...

Hope you enjoy Alex his vision on this extreme snowkite race.

More info on the Kite-Unit team on:

The facebook page of Kite-Unit:

More information can be found on: flysurfer.com

Added: 2014-04-22

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