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Words - Lewis Crathern
Hood River.Oregon U.S

Hood River has been at the top of my 'have to visit' places for a very long time. Some of my Major sponsors are based there and it's known to be an amazing place to kite. You always see the videos of how windy it is and the amazing scenery but its even better when your there kitesurfing amongst it. It almost seems impossible to imagine the wind being on the clean side with so many mountains and hills everywhere. Nobody had ever mentioned the current assisting your upwind ability either, 2 major bonuses! The only downside to this trip was that I was only there for 4 days :( I'm going to make sure I stop for a month next time! It was so nice to stop in at Slingshot & Dakine head quarters too meet everyone. I was properly looked after and made some great friends + my board bags weighed twice as much when I left thanks guys! One of the best experiences of the trip was being shown around the Dakine and Slingshot Factories where they make some of the gear. Slingshot must be one of the most sustainable companies for sure, all the wood was sourced from just down the road! There is no place like hood river, so much to do, snowboarding, kitesurfing, skating the list goes on I'll be back next year.

Baltimore, Maryland U.S- American Offshore Wind Energy Conference With Global Marine Energy.

One of my life time goals has been to work with a company within the Wind Energy Sector. I finally achieved this in Baltimore, Maryland! For years I have used kitesurfing as a tool to connect with young people and Global Marine Energy have recognised its potential. We both share the same belief that thinking Eco is very much an important topic and shouldn't just be something for adults. My trip started off at the American Offshore Wind Energy Conference. I had been to the UK one in Liverpool earlier on in the year, but this time I was at the forefront of the Global Marine Energy booth talking about kitesurfing and what I do. This was slightly different to what I am used to as usually I work with the younger generation. Because kitesurfing is such a great sport I found explaining it to Adults was just as easy as explaining it to kids! I didn't stay long in Baltimore in fact I was there only 4 days but so much was crammed in. Mid way through the trip I flew the special Global Marine Energy kite by the harbour near the conference which caused a stir. I'm very certain a kitesurf kite has never been flown in this area before. Later on that day I went to a local school and the reaction to kitesurfing was just brilliant. Most of the kids had never even seen a kitesurf kite, so the presentation went down great. I even managed a small demo in the field outside too! The last day I spent at the conference and by now everyone there wanted to know all about kitesurfing it was a huge success. A trip I'll never forget.

Here is the initial coverage report for those interested, http://windmachine.biz/BaltimoreCoverageReport.docx The tally stands at over 280 pieces of coverage (including Fox News + Reuters) , and I am expecting more to come in over the next few weeks and months as some of the key renewable energy media targets publish on a longer-lead basis.

Ras Sudr. Lewis Crathern Kitesurf Kings Clinic - Egypt.

I'm having a great time out here coaching in Ras Sudr Egypt. It's actually my 4th time out to this place, but I'm staying at the Paradise Beach Hotel for the first time. The conditions are so consistent its the perfect place to work with other kitesurfers looking to improve. So far we have worked on stance, jump technique and transitions but now we are into the last part of the week I'm pushing everyone to go for their first back rolls and front rolls. Lots of wipe outs! It's a very relaxed atmosphere out here in general we all have breakfast about 8.30 and head to the beach for 9. Through the morning I pick a subject to work on and by 1 we have lunch. Back out on the water for the afternoon and everyone is tired in the evening. Some nights I've been going to bed at 10p.m! That's unheard of at home! The sea temperature is amazing out here its one of the few places you do not need a wetsuit, great news as the U.K looks like its settling into winter mode now.
With thanks to Lewis Crathern for keeping us posted

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