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Prime cuts - The FreeRide Project MOVIE - SECTION 3 - Hood River USA

So, since the 'FreeRide Project' movie isn't on youtube, I have decided to upload the sections one at a time... This is section #3 filmed in the America.
You can see the full movie here: https://vimeo.com/41314544
The "FreeRide' Project was an idea that we had to make a movie at the start of 2011. Four riders, from different kite brands, we started traveling together and filming what we got up to, our trips and riding how we wanted. This is a no-mess representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it means to us as we traveled to some of the best spots and biggest wakestyle events throughout 2011.
Following the year of the UK riders Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding (the UKcrew) this video goes to Australia, DR, Hood River, Fuerteventura and the Philippines, with some kiteboarding action in each spot. As well as a section in the CWC cable park during the WONW kite/cable event at the end of 2011. Each section will be uploaded individually on youtube. (Section 1,2,3,4 and 5)
Sit back and enjoy, the full movie is available for free download on the vimeo link. The idea being that you can burn your own DVD/movie, share it at home or play it in your shops!! Spread the word!!
A big THANKS to all involved who made this possible and helped us along the way!
Tom Court
Sam Light
Aaron Hadlow
James Boulding
Extra footage:
BoomTing productions
Shannon Stent
Edit: Ripslix (tom court) in collaboration with Steez (James Boudling)
more info coming soon... http://ripslix.co.uk/
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